How to Check MEPCO Demand Notice Online

MEPCO Demand Notice

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Mepco demand notice, an essential document that helps consumers understand their electricity consumption and billing. In this article, we will delve into the significance of Mepco demand notices, how they are … Read more

MIS MEPCO: Management Information System


The Management Information System (MIS) of MEPCO is likely an integrated system designed to provide all levels of management (and possibly other stakeholders) with the information they need to make effective decisions about MEPCO’s operations. This may … Read more

What is FPA in Electricity Bill

What is FPA in Electricity Bill

Due to a lot of FPA charges added to the Electricity Bill, Everyone is concerned about What is FPA in Electricity Bill? Each electricity bill is divided into different charges such as cost of electricity, F.C surcharge, … Read more

MEPCO Tariff Distribution Structure & Rates

MEPCO Tariff

MEPCO Tariff is dependent upon a lot of factors such as dollar rate, source of energy, oil price, etc. Multan Electric Power Company is responsible for all electrical distribution to your offices, homes, factories, and other locations. … Read more