How to Check Electricity Bill Online in Pakistan

The electricity in Pakistan is divided into different districts and each one has its own power supply system to transmit the electricity to the end consumer. Now those electricity distribution companies are responsible to handle all the customer’s issues such as electricity transformation, handling loading shedding, meter installation, and sending electricity bills.

Hence, checking the electricity bill online in Pakistan is also another facility that those companies are responsible to provide their customers with easy convince. Each electricity supply company developed its own web portal which you can use to find out your complete bill along with the option to download it.

How to Check Electricity Bill Online in Pakistan

This online web portal is quite easy to use without having technical knowledge. All you have to enter your bill reference number and you will get your bill on your screen. Don’t worry we will explain how to use it and list down each web portal from all the supplier companies in Pakistan.

How to Check Electricity Bill online in Pakistan

The procedure of checking electricity bills is very easy. All you have to visit the official electric distributor website and enter the reference 14 digit number to get the bill. We listed all the official distributor bill checking portal links so you can visit any one according to your area and can check the bill.

Anyone let’s follow the process of checking bills online step by steps:

  • Go to the Official website of the electric distributor.
  • Get your bill reference number from your old bill. It will be written at bottom corner of your bill.
  • Now enter that reference number on the web page and hit submit button.
  • Immediately the system will find your bill copy and show you on your screen.
  • You can print it by press (Alt + P) or download it in PDF format.

Note: You should need to follow the same procedure to check electricity bills from all the electric companies.

Electricity Distribution Companies List

Right now there are 11 different distribution companies that are working in Pakistan. You can visit the company according to your area. Like if you are from Islamabad then you can open the IESCO web page and enter 14 digits number to find the bill.

Let’s take a look at the complete list of companies websites:

Name of the electricity company Location Contact Website 
1. IESCOIslamabad Electric Supply Company IESCO Head Office St,40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad051-9252937
2. LESCO 22/A Queens Road Lahore99204820
3. K Electric KE House, 39-B, Sunset Boulevard, Phase-II, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.92-21-3263 7133 92-21-3870 9132
4. SEPCOHead Office Thermal Power Station Old  Sukkur071-9310795
5. MEPCOMepco Complex، Khanewal Rd, MEPCO Colony Mepco Colony, Multan, Punjab(061) 9220313
6. GEPCOGujranwala Electric Power Company 565/A Model Town G.T Road Gujranwala(055) 9200519
7. PESCOWAPDA House Peshawar, Mall Rd, Bashirabad Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25000111-000-128
8. FESCOFaisalabad Electric Supply Company, West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad, Pakistan.+92-41- 9220184
9. HESCOHESCO Headquarter WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan(+92)22-9260161
10. QESCOBlock 1 Satellite Town, Quetta, Balochistan(081)
11. TESCOTribal Areas Electric Supply Company,  TESCO Headquarter, WAPDA house Peshawar, Pakistan091-9212006, 091-9212987

Till now you able to find your relative electric company and also know the procedure of checking bill online so let’s move further and discusses each distributor company web portal and how to use it with proper step by step.

How to Check IESCO Bill Online?

If you are from Islamabad then your distributor company should be IESCO. They’re easy to use DBill system help you to find your duplicate bill within a minute. Follow the steps and find the current or previous bill.

  • Visit the official IESCO website
  • Mouse over “Customer Services” tab
  • From the dropdown menu click “Bill  View/Print Duplicate Bill”
  • Now you will be landed on the web billing page
  • From here, enter the 14-Digit reference number without spaces.
  • Hit “Search” button and it will find your bill copy.

How to Download LESCO Electricity Bill in Lahore

Similar to Islamabad, customers from Lahore can also check their electricity bills online. The method is easy to use and you can check bills using a reference number or by providing an ID card. Follow the steps to check the bill.

  • Go to official IESCO website
  • Scroll down little bit and found “Customer Bill” button and click on it.
  • Now you are in bill check portal.
  • Enter reference number and select (R) if resendient and (U) in case commercial meter.
  • Click on “View/Downlaod Bill” button to find the bill.

You can also use the “Please provide your customer id” section to check the bill by entering the ID card number of the electric meter owner. For this, simply enter the ID card number and click on “View/Download Bill” to download the bill copy.

How to Get K-Electric Online Bill

If you are from Karachi then your distribution for supplying electricity is K-Electric. To get the bill online you should need to subscribe to their E-Billing system. When you do that you will be able to receive your bill every month. Here are steps to follow for subscribing to E-bills.

  • Go to K-Electric website here.
  • Now Mouse on “Customer Services” tab that located on the left hand navigation panel.
  • Click on “Subscribe For E-Billing
  • Here you need to fill the all the require fields such as Account number, consumer number, valid email address and mobile number.
  • After that fill the captcha and submit it.

That’s t you will start getting your bill copy via email before the last day of the bill.

How to Printable Electricity Sukkar Bill Online

SEPCO is a distribution electricity company that works in Sukkar. They also bring you a digital way of checking bills online. You don’t need to wait for the bill to arrive at your home and can check the bill immediately as it is generated by the company. Follow a few steps lead to find your bill copy.

  • Open Sukkur Electric Power Company website
  • On the left hand side ”Customers” tab, click on “web bill”
  • Now you are in SEPCO Web Bill PITC portal.
  • Here you need to enter your Bill reference button and click on “Search” button.
  • That’s it your duplicate bill copy will show on your screen.
  • Press ctrl + p and click on “save” button to download it.

How to Find Multan Electric Bill Online

The city of Multan and sounding areas are under the MEPCO. The facility of checking bills is also provided by MEPCO under the PITC. The only thing you require is a reference number to find out the last bill copy.

  • Go to Multan Power Supply Company Offical website here.
  • Scroll down a page little and on the right bottom, click on “Duplicate Bills for Consumers” blue color box.
  • It will now open you a dbill by PITC web portal.
  • Here write your mpeco bill reference number and click on search button.
  • Here you go, your bill will be listed with complete details.

How to See Electricity Bill From Gujranwala

The Panjab distinct Gujranwala electric transferring under the GEPCO. They have their own official website that offering of finding duplicate bill facilities. Their system of checking bills is very simple and easy to use and by adding the reference number you can download your current bill. Follow the simple steps to find your bill.

  • First you need to open the Gujranwal Electric Power Company Website.
  • Move the mouse over “Customer Service” on the top navigation.
  • Click on “Duplicate Bill
  • Next, enter 14-digit numeric reference number without spaces.
  • Hit “Show Bill” button to get your bill.
  • To save the bill, press ctrl + p and click on save bill.

How to Receive PESOC Peshawar Electricity Bill

The PESCO Web Bill Powered by PITC. You can find the bill by using the reference number and don’t need to provide any additional information. Only the customers from Peshawar can use this method to check their electric bills. Follow the steps and find your latest bill.

  • Go to Peshawar Power Supply Company site.
  • On the left navigation panel, Mose over the “Customer Services”
  • Click on “Duplicate bill” from the dropdown
  • Now you are on the dbill PITC web page and here you need to Enter numeric reference number.
  • Click on Search bill button
  • Instance you will see your bill on your screen.

How to Check Duplicate FESCO Bill Online.

The FESCO works in Faisalabad city and its surrounding areas. If you are from Fasiablad then you can easily check the bill by using their online portal. The method of finding printable bills is very easy and you get the bill by using the reference number.

  • Open Faisalabad Electric Website
  • On the bottom left, you will see a brown color box.
  • From this box, click on “Bill Print”
  • So now it will open FESCO Web Bill Powered by PITC
  • Here write the reference number and hit the search button.
  • Here you go your bill on your screen and ready to print or download.
  • Press ctrl + p from Keyboard and click on the save button to download it.

How Check Electricity HESCO Bill Online

HESCO stands for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company which is responsible for supplying the electricity within Hyderabad. The company also offers you the facility of checking the bill online. Their billing checking system work with PITC (Power Information Technology Company). Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the bill.

  • Go to Hyderabad Supply Company Website
  • Here you will see the “Duplicate Bill” box. Click on it.
  • Now you will be on the dbill.pitc website
  • Write the numeric reference button in the search field.
  • Press enter to see your bill.

How to Check QESCO Electric Online Bill

All the customers from Quetta are under QESCO electric company. The company provides an online solution to check bills while staying at home. You can get the bill through email or instantly download the bill. Follow the given below steps to get the bill.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official Quetta website
  • On the right side navigation, click on the first link “Duplicate Bill”
  • It will open the PITC website where you need to enter the bill reference number
  • Press Enter or click on the “Search” button.
  • Your bill is on your computer or laptop screen.
  • Download it or print it.

How to Find Electric Bill online from Tribal Areas

TESCO handles electricity supplying all over tribal areas of Pakistan. TESCO isn’t away from using the technology and even developed its own billing system from which the consumer can check their current bills. You don’t need to wait for your bill and know the bill earlier. Follow the below guidelines to find the bill.

  • Go to Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company’s official website.
  • Click on the “Duplicate Bill” box located on the homepage.
  • Now simply enter the bill reference number and click on the search button.
  • Finally, your previous bill will show up on your screen.


All the electricity companies provide you easy way of checking electricity bills online in Pakistan. The process of checking bills is almost the same for each company. The only difference is finding the right web portal page. In most cases to check the bill, you need to provide the reference number. Hope now you are able to easily find your current or previous bill online. Let me know in below comment box if you have any difficulties.

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