How to Check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number

Recently most electric consumers ask me how to check MEPCO bill without reference number. Well, it is possible but having a reference number makes your job easier. You simply enter the number and get a copy of the bill.

Although, If you don’t have to refer to a number then you don’t need to worry. You can easily get it from your previous bill. Simply refer to column number 33 located just right below the Customer ID column. There is your reference no that you can use to find out your bill information.

How to Check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number

How to Check MEPCO Bill Without Reference Number

In case you don’t have a previous bill or you just apply for a new connection and wait for the bill to come so that you can check the reference no then we have a solution for you.

There are a few simple methods that will help you to check the MEPCO bill without having ref # and you can use them to get a duplicate copy of your bill. I will explain each of them and you can use anyone that is easy for you.

Basically, there are two methods that I am doing to list down. The first one very easy and quick way of checking bills. Whereas the other one requires some important information to enter to get the bill copy.

Let’s learn each one by following the post.

Check MEPCO Bill by SMS

Multan power company keep working to make their system better and better. They are developing different services so that the consumer doesn’t have any issues while getting the bill.

So in this extension, they developed an SMS system that helps the customers to get their bill even if they don’t have the reference number.

To use this SMS service you are only required to have a connection or meter number along with a meter reading date. Follow the steps to get the bill.

  • Open phone message option.
  • Write MEPB <space> STMT NO<space>Meter No<space>Date of Reading
  • Send this SMS to 46040

Take a look at the complete example of what the message will look like after writing all the details.

MEPB 001 STMT NO 012 1234 Meter No 014 Date of Meter Reading on 46040

After sending the SMS, Soon you will receive a reply with the confirmation of details as following

MEPB 001 STMT NO 012 1234 Meter No 014 Date of Meter Reading on B/S PAID AMOUNT RS 2457/

Note: Standard SMS charges will apply on sending SMS so don’t complain about those charges to MEPCO company.

Check Bill Via Consumer ID

A lot of customers don’t know their reference numbers and they are always looking for different ways to check their energy bills. Specially the customers who recently got their new electric meter.

Multan electric company recently updated its system and allows its customers to check their bills using a consumer ID. So to check your bill, let’s follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, go to the MEPCO web bill page.
  • Now select the “Consumer ID” checkbox.
  • Enter your 10-digits consumer ID that is located on your bill, just below the “Connection Date” column
  • Click on the “Search” button
  • Here you go, your bill will be displayed on your computer or mobile screen.

Find Bill Using Account

This method bit difficult and requires some extra details. You should have an account with MEPO to get the bill copy. There is no way for online registration so you should ask the MEPCO company to get access to the account.

You should have a billing account number to get access to your account details and it will work 24 hours a day. Follow the steps to check the bill using the account.

  • Visit the Mepco login area here.
  • Enter your email and password to log in.
  • From here enter the customer number and address
  • Hit submit button to see your bill.

Check Bill Through Meter Number

There are some ways to check your bill using the meter number. Each connection has a unique meter number that you can use to check your bill. You can enter your meter number on the official MEPCO website and hit enter to find out the duplicate copy of your current bill.

This method something not good because the meter can be changed due to any fault so better to use the SMS method.

In this scenario, you need to check your meter and find your new meter number and then enter it into the MEPCO bill check site to check your latest bill.

Final Words

We recommend you check your bill using the reference number because it’s an easier way to find the bill. Similarly, you can easily get your ref no from your old bill. Even if you don’t have your old bill and just install a new connection you can see your demand notice for the reference to the number.

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    • Khan, you can’t check your bill with CNIC but you can check using a consumer ID. Please follow the steps mention in article to check your bill. Thanks.

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