MEPCO Bill Calculator

Looking for a solution to calculate your MEPCO electricity bill? With the help of the MEPCO Bill calculator, you can easily estimate your bill according to the latest Government rates.

Enter Units:

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MEPCO Bill calculator helps you in calculating the total bill of all the electrical appliances you utilize. In accordance with the latest rates and GOP, this tool will give you an accurate sum up.  

Instead of assuming your bills, it’s better you get an estimated price before the electricity bill in your hand. You will find this tool handy while making your monthly budget. You will be able to save yourself time and money.

How Does MEPCO Bill Calculator work?

Our MEPCO Bill calculator works on a simple formula used by the NEPRA Government of Pakistan. It calculates the electricity cost base on consumer units, taxes, FPA, GST, TV Fee, F.C Surcharge, Electricity duty, and N.J Surcharge.

Although the unit rate change according to Slabs defines by the electric company. Eg. If you are consuming 50 units then the calculator adds the lowest rate to the total cost. Similarly, if your units are above 100 then the cost per unit will also increase.

MEPCO Bill Calculator

How to use Wapda Bill Calculator?

To use our developed calculator you don’t be technical, you simply need to provide the right number of units in the box and the rest will calculate the total estimated amount for you.

Follow the steps to properly check your estimated bill now.

  • First of all, Note download units from your meter. It will be mentioned like 817.80 KW
  • Next, you simply need to enter this value into the “Enter Units” box above.
  • The calculator will calculate your bill in real-time and show you the table below.
  • The table will mention the total cost, tax information, GST, and other charges.

Note: This will be the approximate cost value of your bill that may be changed on the actual bill. It can be above or lower depending upon the exact amount defined by NPRA.

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator?

MEPCO billing estimator is an online tool that was developed to help customers with electricity usage. It is easy to use and gives accurate results. This online tool helps users in calculating the total electricity bill they will receive by entering the number of units they consume.

Additionally, this tool also helps you in finding any issue in your bill total amount. We know that the unit prices change according to the slab set by MEPCO. Similarly, the GST and other metrics also vary.

So to calculate your bill you must know a few important things. These are total units, type of connection and unit rates, etc.

Additionally, you can get your MEPCO Bill Monthly right in your mailbox so you don’t miss it and pay it timely.

Total Bill Units:

Total units play a key role in total bill cost. These are the units that you consumed in a whole month. When you calculate your bill these units become important and it affects the total bill cost.

To find the number of units you consume till now, you can see it on your electricity meter. Now to estimate the upcoming bill units, you simply need to subtract the previous units (Find from Previous Month Bill) from your current units.

MEPCO Bill Unit Rates:

MEPCO tariff gives per-unit rates for both peaks and off-peak timings. It is to be noted that the cost per unit for peak timings is more than the off-peak timings.

 For peak timing, the unit rate is 22.65 per unit and for off-peak timing, the unit rate is 16.33.

For single-phase per consumer, the rate is 175 per person and for three-phase connection, the rate is 350 per consumer per month.

The unit rate for the industrial tariff is 19.51, while the unit rate for the commercial tariff is 19.95. We’ve included a table for residential connection types that shows the various unit charges for various units.

1.1-50 Units3.95
2.1 – 100 Units7.74
3.101 – 200 Units10.06
4.201 – 300 Units12.15
5.301 – 70019.55
6.More than 700 Units22.65

MEPCO Consumer Bill Calculator

The MEPCO bill estimator is a fantastic tool for estimating the precise amount of your electricity bill. If you believe there is a problem with your total amount, you can utilize this calculator. You can not only examine the bill’s cost but also pay it online. This is all due to advancements in technology.

To calculate your bill, you’ll need to know a few details about it. There are three types of connections: total units, connection type, and phase.

Meter Connection

The cost of the electricity bill also depends upon the connection type. While calculating the bill, make sure you select the right connection.


The selecting process is the last step in establishing the exact amount of your bill. You have the option of using a single-phase or three-phase system. To see the results, click the submit button after you’ve picked a phase.

Electricity Bill Calculator Pakistan

Calculating the MEPCO bill is very simple and easy to do. You’re only required to enter the number of units you utilize in prompts. Follow the given steps to calculate your bill.

  • First, calculate the number of units in your house and enter them in the required area.
  • You will be presented with a complete list of charges.
  • This list will include the cost of electricity, F.C Surcharge, Duty Price, TV Fee, GST, N.J Surcharge, and total estimated bill.

Now, let’s have a look at the sample bill for 10 units!

10 x 3.95 = 39.50

Cost of electricity:39.50
F.C Surcharge:4.30
Electricity Duty:0.59
TV Fee:35
N.J Surcharge:1
Total Estimated Bill:87.94


Instead of wasting your time imagining what your bill looked like, simply use this online tool to get the accurate sum. You can manage your energy requirements and cut out all waste. Incorporating all taxes and service bills, MEPCO online bill calculator will help you save money and energy.


How do I find my MEPCO number?

You can get your MEPCO duplicate e bills online, download, and print a copy of your bills here. The reference number is a 14-digit unique number on the top left corner of the bill. It is in this form 12 1234 1234567 U.

How do I find my MEPCO name bill?

The reference number is the only requirement to get PESCO duplicate bill. There is no way to check it by name, or national identity card (NIC/CNIC).
If you want to get your MEPCO bill by CNIC, or meter number, you will have to visit the nearest customer services center where related staff can help you.

What is meant by One Unit?

A unit (as mentioned on the electricity bills) is represented in kWh or Kilowatt Hour. This is the actual electricity or energy used. If you use 1000 Watts or 1 Kilowatt of power for 1 hour then you consume 1 unit or 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWh) of electricity.