MEPCO Bill Monthly Subscription

We provide email facilities to our customers. Now you can receive your MPECO bill through email every month. By using the mepco bill monthly service you will be able to pay it at right time. All you have to enter your 14 digit reference number and email address and you will start receiving your mepco latest bill in your mailbox every month.

Make sure to choose ‘MEPCO’ in the companies dropdown list while you subscribe for the monthly bill email.

MEPCO Bill Monthly Subscription Vai Email

You don’t need to check your bill every month. Instead of that, you will receive your bill from January to December thought out the whole year. This monthly subscription service makes your life easier and you will not miss your bill and can make payment timely.

    Whether you are searching for your old bill for November 2020 or looking for the upcoming years like March 2022, once you did the subscriptions for the monthly bill you will be tension-free.

    Our automatic system will keep checking your reference number every month and it will send you bills for the previous month whether it was November or March.

    In the months of June, July, and August 2021 the bill amount price gets higher due to an increase in electricity consumption. So it is important for everyone that they check their bill in the hot season.

    Receive MEPCO Bill via SMS

    Electric companies making things easier for their customers. They are using the technology to improve their delivery system. Multan electricity company also have SMS system from where you can get your electricity bills through SMS on your mobile.

    This service is free of cost and will work just like a monthly subscription. You simply need to register your mobile with the company and they will handle the rest of things and send you a bill every month.

    After registration, you will be notified through SMS with complete details of bill’s amount and last due date. Let’s take a look at mentioned steps to know how you can register your phone number with MPCO to get the bill.

    • Open thier webpage here
    • Enter your 14-digit reference number
    • Add your mobile number in the given slot
    • After that click ‘Select’
    • You are done and you will receive your next bill through SMS

    MEPCO Bill via Mobile App

    The company provides you with another great facility for online bill check mepco by using the android application. Multan Electric Power Company developed an easy-to-use application that you can install on your smartphone and can check your bill payments at any time.

    In case you didn’t get your bill via email or SMS you can quickly check it through their app. It is easy to use app and you simply need to enter your bill reference number to get the complete bill.

    Follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Download and Install app here
    • Open app and enter reference number
    • Instance you will see the bill amount and due date.
    • You can also check compelte bill by clicking on “View Full Bill”

    Maybe you also want to know how to check your old MEPCO bill, right? Well for this you can visit the MEPCO office in your district and easily find the bill.

    MEPCO and Its Mission Statement

    MEPCO: It’s an electric power generator and supplier company that is known as “Multan Electric Power Company” and is abbreviated as “MEPCO”.

    MEPCO Mission Statement: “Your Better Service – Our Pride”.

    Now, let’s proceed with the step-by-step guide that is going to answer your queries and is aimed at resolving your online bill 2021 related issues.

    How to Contact MEPCO?

    If you still have any issues or complaints then you can contact them at the following numbers.

    Multan Electric Power Company: 0800-63726

    Multan Power Control Centre: 061-9210334