MEPCO Distribution Electricity Area

The range of area is for MEPCO distribution of electricity is very large. It is responsible to transform the electricity into 9 circles. Moreover, these circles are divided into 38 divisions and 181 subdivisions.

Following is the full list of MEPCO Distribution circles:

Multan Division
MusapakM/AbadS. R. Alam
Muzaffargarh Division
LayyahAli PurMuzaffargarh
Kot Addu
D. G. Khan Division
TounsaRajanpurKot Chutta
D. G. Khan – 1
Rahim Yar Khan Division
KhanpurSadiq AbadR. Y. Khan
Liaqat Pur
Bahawalpur Division
LodhranA. P. EastModel Town
BahawalpurHasil Pur
Bahawalnagar Division
Bahawal NagarHaroon AbadChishtian
Vehari Division
Sahiwal Division
Sahiwal – 1Sahiwal – 2Chichawatni
Khanewal Division
Mian ChannuK/walaKhanewal

MEPCO Electricity Distribution

MPECO gets the licensee by the NEPRA for distribution of power supply within southern Punjab. It is only responsible to distribute the power within the defined Ares by the NEPRA. As I said above, there are 13 administrative districts where Multan supply company supplies and maintains electricity.

The company has its own grid stations and supply system. It extends the supply lines and upgrades the system to provide uninterrupted electricity to their customers. There top priority of unitization of the power and providing new connections as well. While supplying the electricity, the company also makes sure to deliver the best voltage to consumers.

MEPCO Distribution

MEPCO Operations

The MEPCO distribution of electricity supply is quite large and the company holds all the power stations of the Multan Electricity Board. It is one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Pakistan that operate in 13 different administrative districts of the south Panjab. We already listed all the districts in the above table.

In other words, the company transmits electricity to 50 constituencies of the National Assembly of Pakistan and 104 constituencies of the Punjab Assembly. The MEPCO supplies the electricity in rural areas and that’s the reason most of the customers are domestic users. They have fewer commercial customers due to rural areas. The total number of electricity individuals users is over 35 million.

MEPCO Distribution Power Centre

Engineer Ikram Ullah Haq, Chief Executive Officer of Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO), has been directed to establish a power distribution center at the company’s headquarters to ensure uninterrupted electricity delivery throughout the month.

This step was taken due to a lot of complaints about the electricity shutdown. With the help of this distribution power center the company is able to solve their electric supply issue and can offer uninterrupted electricity to their customers.

By setting up the power distribution the MEPCO can able to deliver the electric power to customers more quickly. Their system helps the company to carry electricity from the transmission system to individual consumers.

Such distribution substations are connected with the transmission system and lower the voltage to medium range such as 2kv and 35 kV with the use of transformers.

New Connection Added

Multan Electric Power Company Muzaffargarph circle install 50682 new electricity connections during the fiscal year 2019 to 2020. You can check MEPCO tariff rates if you don’t know the unit charges.

Superintending Engineer (SE) Engineer Maher Nazar Muhammad said the new connections included are 46978 domestic, 2777 commercial, 181 industrial, 727 tubewell, and 19 government connections.

Similarly, to improve the electricity on those connections the company also installed 1005 new transformers. With the help of this enhancement, MEPCO will be able to transfer better voltage to consumers and able to reduce the low voltage and tripping complaints.

Ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply

Multan power company finalizes arrangements to ensure Uninterrupted electricity throughout the region. The company has also used a number of transformers and repairs to power lines to improve the power system and to whitewash consumers without load shedding. Ongoing and at the same time the new transformer is also being used for 24 hours power supply to the people of the area.

The company has replaced 93,000 defective meters that will help them for distributing the energy correctly. During this season the company replaced 89,825 single-phase, 3404 three-phase, and 49 MDI meters.

Power Distribution System

There is a network of distribution lines that takes power from 66KV/33KV and converts it into 11KV and 440V and then supplies electricity to the customers.
This distribution system is divided into two divisions;

Primary distribution: 11 kv is provided in primary distribution which is a network of 33/11 KV Sub Station or 6 6/11 KV Sub Station. 

Distribution: This is a network working 440 Volt or 220 Volt for the use of the consumer i.e. the customer. 

For more details, you can get in touch with mepco helpline.

Customer : 

A customer is the one who obtains the supply of electricity from the licensed company at a reasonable rate. The subscriber receives power in distribution at the following voltages.

  • 33 KV
  • 22 KV
  • 11 KV
  • 440 Volt

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