How to Check MEPCO Demand Notice Online

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Mepco demand notice, an essential document that helps consumers understand their electricity consumption and billing.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of Mepco demand notices, how they are issued, and what steps consumers can take to address any concerns.

Our aim is to provide you with reliable information and assist you in navigating the process with ease and confidence.

MEPCO Demand Notice

What is a MEPco Demand Notice?

A MEPCO demand notice is a formal statement sent by the Multan Electric Power Company to inform its customers about pending actions or requirements. It usually sends when you apply for MEPCO New Connection online or offline.

Typically, these notices involve matters such as meter installation or replacement, adjustments due to meter tampering or power theft, or changes in electricity tariffs.

Unpacking the MEPCO Demand Notice

After submitting the new meter connection, you need the demand notice to deposit the money so the new meter should be installed at your home.

If you already applied and waiting for the demand notice then you can check the Demand Notice by entering the tracking ID.

Meter Installation and Replacement

At the heart of any electricity distribution system is the meter. It measures power consumption, thereby ensuring accurate billing. Meter accuracy is key.

If it’s found wanting during routine meter inspection or testing, the MEPCO office will issue a demand notice for its replacement or adjustment.

Tackling Power Theft and Meter Tampering

Regrettably, electricity theft is a prevalent issue that compromises the integrity of the system and leads to unwarranted power outages and load shedding.

Consequently, monitoring for meter tampering forms a crucial part of MEPCO’s operations. A demand notice would be issued to a consumer if any irregularities are identified during meter reading or inspection.

Adjusting to Electricity Tariffs

Electricity tariffs are ever-evolving, influenced by factors ranging from power generation costs to the introduction of renewable energy sources.

A MEPCO demand notice will communicate any changes in tariffs, giving you a heads-up on any shift in your electricity bill.

Handling Voltage Fluctuations and Power Surges

The power grid’s reliability hinges on maintaining consistent power quality. Events like voltage fluctuations and power surges pose a threat to this stability.

A MEPCO demand notice may be issued if any work on your meter connection or the local substation is required to rectify such issues.

Key Elements of a Mepco Demand Notice

A Mepco demand notice typically contains essential information to help consumers comprehend and fulfill their payment obligations. These details may include:

Consumer Information:

The notice includes the consumer’s name, address, and consumer number, ensuring accurate identification and communication.

Outstanding Amount:

The notice clearly indicates the amount owed by the consumer, including any pending payments or late fees, if applicable.

Due Date: Mepco specifies a deadline by which the payment must be made to avoid any further consequences or disruptions in power supply.

Payment Options:

Various payment methods, such as online portals, bank transfers, or designated Mepco offices, may be mentioned to facilitate convenient and hassle-free payment processes.

Promoting Energy Conservation

The importance of energy efficiency cannot be overstated. Conserving electricity not only reduces your bill but also contributes to a sustainable future.

If MEPco identifies opportunities for enhancing energy conservation, you may receive a demand notice detailing the suggested measures.


What action should I take upon receiving a MEPco demand notice?

Take note of the instructions given in the notice. It may require you to contact the MEPco office or take other specific actions. Do not ignore the notice as it could lead to service interruption.

Can I dispute a MEPco demand notice?

Yes, if you believe there has been a mistake, you can raise a dispute with the MEPco office. They will review your case and resolve the issue accordingly.

How can I prevent electricity theft?

Ensure your meter and power line connections are secure. Report any suspicious activities to MEPco.

How can I improve my energy efficiency?

Simple actions like switching to energy-efficient appliances, minimizing unnecessary power consumption, and regular meter testing can significantly improve energy efficiency.


In conclusion, the MEPco demand notice is more than a mere letter; it’s a testament to the complexity of power distribution, a symbol of our trust in the system. It represents the dedication of countless individuals working behind the scenes at MEPCO and similar organizations to ensure the power that lights up.

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